About Us

Learningland 4 Kids is a school readiness program where children can explore language, literacy and numeracy in a fun filled and stimulating environment. All of our programs have been created in acknowledgement of current research which emphasises the critical importance of these early experiences in brain development

We specialise in Pre-school Literacy and Numeracy Classes, School readiness, Preschool learning classes, Preschool lessons, Preschool activities and Preschool literacy. We are based in Glen Iris, Victoria.

Our programs are based on the Internationally Renowned Letterland®, a systematic and explicit phonic literacy resource which has been helping children learn to read and write for over 40 years. It also uses resources and materials that have been specifically tailored to meet the literacy and numeracy needs of pre-schoolers whilst supporting and accelerating the children’s natural interest and enjoyment of learning in a fun and interactive way.

Research has shown that children learn in a variety of ways, so our programs are designed to cater for all learners using a multisensory approach through activities such as craft, music, dance, rhymes and brain gym. Through our approach we present high quality educational sessions that children absolutely love.